This has to be one of Airtasker’s most bizarre gigs ever.


Airtasker offers opportunities for Australians everywhere to pay for help to do things they can’t (or would rather not) do themselves.

From flatpack furniture assembly to mowing the lawn, it seems no job is too small or unusual for Airtasker’s 2.5 million online community.

But sometimes a job pops up that attracts special attention.

Is this Airtasker’s most unusual ad?

Is this Airtasker’s most unusual ad?Source:istock

Sergio, from Earlwood in Sydney’s inner west, has spent the past eight days searching for an Aussie willing to help him with a very particular task.

Posting on Airtasker last Thursday, Sergio, who runs a carpet cleaning business, has offered $750 to the person with “the most sensitive skin in Australia”.

Sergio told people don’t realise there are different levels of expertise in the world of carpet cleaning.

“I want to create some videos for my new website that prove (my) cleaning method is superior and worth the small premium I charge,” he said.

In his ad, he explained he was looking to test out his carpet cleaning skills by watching people with extremely sensitive skin roll around on a bunch of rugs.

“I’m looking for someone with the most sensitive skin in Australia,” Sergio wrote.

“You need to be overly sensitive to the touch — the way some people have a heightened sense of smell or taste.”

To illustrate just how special his test skin needed to be, Sergio explained his subjects need to do more than just “feel plain old carpet”.

“You need to feel the individual fibres within the twisted tufts of polypropylene,” he described.

“Where others feel wool, you can feel out the synthetic blend of nylon.”

Sergio understood that this takes a very special sort of person, and he’s willing to wait.

Sergio is a carpet cleaner from Earlwood, in Sydney

Sergio is a carpet cleaner from Earlwood, in Sydney’s inner west.Source:istock

So if such a person exists in this great nation, what would they be required to do?

“You’ll be required to touch and roll around in freshly cleaned carpets & compare my method with the traditional method (of carpet cleaning),” he wrote.

“I’m not after ‘Yes, this carpet feels softer’, I’m after, ‘This carpet feels as soft as a baby lamb, grazing in a paddock of cotton wool’,” he detailed.

“Please let me know why you know you have the softest, most sensitive skin in Australia, and why you’re the best person for this job.”

The ad has attracted job seekers making a case for their skin but it was too much for some who just couldn’t resist and it makes for some hilarious reading.

One man claimed he was perfect for the job because his skin was “natural and buffed by the ocean”.

“It has a glide ratio like a supermodel, sliding off the bonnet of a corvette stingray,” he wrote.

But he claimed that “beneath my tough, rugged good looks, lies a sensitive man”.

“One that appreciates a fine carpet pile. But why me? I look good on carpet,” he said.

One mum simply offered her services by saying she knows how to “tell between materials and all the lot”.

Another lady said she was a “very sensitive Russian lady and in Australia now, will tell you the truth”.

It is unclear whether is it her skin or her feelings that are sensitive.

Another man said his experience playing the piano made him the obvious choice for the gig.

“Anyone who has played piano for a long time understands the concentration that goes into touching the keys with just the right amount of strength, so that they are not played to loud or softly,” the man wrote.

“Due to this reason I know I would be perfect for this.”

And this guy tried to get hired by posting a photo of his dogs and his cat sleeping together, with the caption “Yes sensitive skin”.

Is the applicant the dogs, the cat, or their owner? Picture: TonyO

Is the applicant the dogs, the cat, or their owner? Picture: TonyOSource:Supplied

According to Sergio, he decided to post his job to Airtasker after his niece suggested it would be a good way to find someone eager to work.

“I’ve never used Airtasker before and I specifically want someone who can properly explain the differences in what they feel between the different cleaning techniques,” he said.

“Let’s see what I can get!”

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